Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Classes at the Academy

Ok, so i've managed to borrow a camera to take some rough photos of what i'm doing in Bologna. (Thanks Amy)

These were done in painting class, Acrylic on board.

Next, Life Drawing. It's pretty much an animators approach. The professor re-enacts an old school animation, poses the two models to reflect the animation, and has an orchestral score playing in the background.

Then I have Artistic Anatomy, I love this class! I take it twice a week, 2 full day poses from the model. The emphasis is on construction.

Last but not least is a pile of Comics and Illustration class stuff. I have my own comic project running alongside 3 week set projects.

I can feel my English getting more broken the longer i'm here. Anyways, going to Bratislava and Budapest tomorrow.

So thats, Ciao for now!