Friday, 19 November 2010


Since studying in Italy I've become a more loose paper kind of guy. Recently though I've fallen back in love with my sketchbooks. I'm doing pretty much everything but final artwork in them at the moment. Most of the time it's just casual scribbles of ideas and visual thinking. Like this page for an Illustration.

I  try  to start every morning with some sketches in the cafe on the way to the studio. Helps me loosen up for the day. With these I'm trying to capture personality and just observe whats there. It helps me loosen up for the rest of the day. Heres some from yesterday.

Also I've been recycling old sketchbooks to try new media and techniques on. I been using any left over materials I have lying around or things I'm not sure about. So yesterday I used pastel on acrylic, just experimenting, keeping things fresh.

Anyway, getting back into my sketchbooks is really helping me just relax and enjoy the process more. Cheers for looking.